Teut Talks
Cool Game For Sale (1997)
Old talk (1997) I held on the first developer conference ever in germany about the process of pitching a game to a publisher. German language, 1MB:
American Game Design (2000)
A talk I held first internally at Jowood (our past publisher) and later at various game conferences. It gives a simple overview how german developers should adapt their game design to the American gamer. German language, 0.2MB:
The 5 Year Cycle of the Game Industry (2001)
My talk about the 5 year cycle of our industry and the influence it has on the PC market although its driven by consoles. This is my most often copied talk in various industry magazines or business analysis. German or English language, 0.7MB:
GCDC 2003: How the German Market ruined itself
At the developerconference GCDC which is held anually before the Game Convention in Leipzig I analysed three factors why the german PC games market lost its power in the past years. German language, 1.6MB:
GCDC 2004: Söldner Post Mortem
A honest analysis why our hyped Söldner Project failed to reach its success. Although financially profitable the game had a much higher potential. English language, 25MB:
Producing Games (2004)
Talks I held for 2 days at the National Film Academy Berlin and the Film Academy Ludwigsburg about how games are produced and financed. Audiance were students and interested parties of the TV and Movie industry. English language, Part 1: 2.3MB, Part 2:1.6MB
Quo Vadis 2007: Communities@Work
The largest german developer conference was held 2007 in Berlin. I talked about simple mechanics to build up communities and some guidelines how to manage them. Although the talk concentrates on games products to be launched many principles can be translated into other communities.
English language, 10MB:
fmx07 & Quo Vadis 2007
One of my talks currently which I am asked most often about to talk is about virtual worlds, this onen with World of Warcraft as an example. I usually don‘t do talks twice but this one was pretty much siught after besides my „Communities@Work“ (see above) that I made an exception.
English language, 13MB:
GeoKomm @ HPI Potsdam
As I was one of the first developers in germany using geographical digital data in computer games (Panzer Elite & Söldner Secret Wars) I was asked to tell about our expierences and lessons learned with those two projects. HPI is one of the leading institutions in germany (maybe even europe) about digital world data.
German language, 13 MB
Here I simply list some of my talks as PDF files. Some of those are pretty old (like from 1997) or even in german language. I list the size of the files and language for your convenience.